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We know that tackling all of this all on your own can seem daunting which is why I created several "look over my shoulder" videos that walk you through how to use every piece of this bundle so you get quick results. 

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“This is the best money I’ve spent in a while. It’s definitely made me more confident and less overwhelmed. It feels good to know I’m better protecting my baby”

Joanna G.

“You cannot unread this. Every parent needs to make a decision about what products to use, and this system makes all those decisions easy.”

Megan L.

The Toxin-Free Eco Nursery System$37

Did you know...

  • Air pollution within the home causes 3.8 million deaths a year (according to the World Health Organization)
  • An EWG study found that the cord blood of babies born in the U.S. contained an average of 200 chemicals and pollutants commonly found in the home.

Get Instant Access to the Complete System:

A Comprehensive Reference Guide of Toxins to Avoid in 25 different categories

Blueprint of what's needed in the 7 Main Areas of a nursery

Common Nursery Items you should skip

3rd-Party Certifications you can Trust

BONUS: Nursery Design Safety Guide

BONUS: Nursery Budget Planner Spreadsheet 

BONUS: Baby Financial Planning Guide and Worksheet

"This guide was super helpful! I love the way it is organized, it's easy to read and I find that I constantly refer back to it."

Sarah B.
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"I can’t believe the price! It’s chock full of great info and really well thought out. I’m less overwhelmed after reading this guide"

Jen T.